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UF Innovation Square

Infusion Technology Center is a private commercial real estate building offering emerging, high-growth, or established companies the opportunity to lease Class A office, dry lab, wet lab, or retail/restaurant space within the UF Innovation Square research park, just 2 blocks from Criser Hall and the heart of the UF campus in Gainesville.

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2 Blocks from the heart of UF

As one of the closest research parks in the country to its associated University, Innovation Square sits just 2 short blocks from the heart of the UF campus, libraries, research labs and classrooms. It's an ideal location for businesses whose clients, researchers, or employees are involved with UF and need short commute time.

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Custom-Built Class A Commercial Space for Lease

With brand new, custom-built Class A commercial space for lease, the Infusion Technology Center is an ideal location for businesses at all stages, whether they are emerging, high-growth or established companies.

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Wet Lab, Dry Lab, Retail/Restaurant, and Office Space

With business spaces ranging from 2,000 to 54,000 square feet in size, the nine-story building caters to many industries. The energy-efficient design allows businesses to save on utility bills and maximize their NOI. Infusion also includes one of the fastest Ethernet networks in Florida.

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UF-affiliated & non-affiliated private companies

There are many benefits to being so close to UF, but there is no requirement for businesses within Infusion to be affiliated with UF. Technology developed within the building is not subject in any way to partnership with UF.

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Interactive Innovation Square Community

Innovation Square's "Live/Play/Work" mantra makes it an active place to thrive as a family, employee, and individual. Infusion Technology Center provides private and public entities commercial space for lease in the heart of the science and technology community.

Why Innovation Square?

UF Innovation Square Gainesville

UF Benefits of UF Innovation Square

Innovation Square has all the dynamics in place to empower forward-thinking companies to transfer their breakthrough ideas from mind to market:

  • Located 2 blocks from the heart of the University of Florida campus
  • Designed for science and technology companies
  • Business "super incubator", VC firms and Business Support on-site
University of Florida Connection

The University of Florida Connection

Businesses within Innovation Square enjoy the many advantages of being adjacent to the nation's #1 public university for transferring research discoveries to market:

  • Private companies on-site have access to cutting-edge research from UF
  • Access to UF Tech Connect, pairing entrepreneurs and investors
  • $619 million in research awards granted in 2010-2011

Building Amenities and Features

The Infusion Technology Center is a brand new, state-of-the-art, Class A building offering private companies the option to lease space for their businesses with:

  • Build-to-suit wet lab, dry lab, office/technology, and retail/restaurant space
  • Sustainable design allowing for maximum utility savings
  • Cutting-edge internet network with up to 10g per port speed
Why Choose Us?

UF Innovation Square in Gainesville, Florida

The ability to take innovative ideas from mind to market becomes exponentially greater in the right environment. Introducing Innovation Square at the University of Florida. Innovation Square is the Gainesville commercial real estate redefining the idea of how research and community become one ecosystem.

A sustainable live, work, and play community, UF Innovation Square has all the elements to empower companies and entrepreneurs to create, develop, and commercialize discoveries.

Innovation Square is where the University of Florida and the private sector fuse. Imagine access to cutting edge research and information from the University of Florida, the #1-ranked public university for transferring technology to the marketplace. Imagine interacting with leading researchers and recognized UF faculty that have garnered more than $619 million in research awards in 2010-11.

A super business incubator, Innovation Square has all the components for transferring ideas to the market, even connecting entrepreneurs with working capital.

Innovation Square is a place to simply call home. Live within walking distance to work, shop at chic stores, dine at eclectic restaurants, and enjoy our greenway parks and trails. It's true urban living for an exceptional quality of life.

Available Office & Lab Space

Property Size (SqFt): Availability:  
Ingenuity (Partial Floor) 3,500-5,500 Available Now View
Ingenuity (Whole Floor)
10,000 Available Now View
Ingenuity (Floors 1 & 2)
22,000 Available Now View
1090 #10 1,642 Available Now View
1090 #20 2,660 Available Now View
1090 #30 1,617 Available Now View
1090 (Whole Building) 5,920 Available Now View
1140 (North) 1,665 Available Now View
1140 (South) 1,665 Available Now View
1140 (Whole Building) 3,300 Available Now View

Types of Space Available

Infusion Technology Center offers several types of custom-built, Class A space for lease by private companies. Prospective tenants can choose from commercial space located on Floors 1-8.

Floor 8 includes an outdoor garden with views of the neighboring parks.

Why Innovation Square?


Watch this video to learn more about what makes Innovation Square in Gainesville Florida an ideal place for your business. Whether you're a start-up, emerging, fast-growth, or established company, Innovation Square offers many unique advantages. See how Trimark Properties can take your business to new heights. Learn more


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  • #1 commute time in Florida, with high quality of life
  • Business friendly, with local and state incentives for high-tech businesses
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