Benefits of UF Innovation Square

What is UF Innovation Square?

The UF Innovation Square Development is the foundation for the collaboration between research and high-tech businesses, supporting the University of Florida and the greater Gainesville Florida area. Companies gain an impressive image boost for being associated with Innovation Square, including increased customer perception and instant credibility. As one of the closest urban research communities in the country to its associated University, Innovation Square sits just 2 short blocks from the heart of the UF campus, libraries, faculty buildings, research labs, and classrooms.

A sustainable live, work, and play research community, Innovation Square has all the elements to empower companies and entrepreneurs to create, develop, and commercialize discoveries. It integrates business, science, and academia with residential amenities for a holistic lifestyle. At Innovation Square, amenities such as housing, retail, schools, and recreation all center around research facilities. Traffic is minimal as researchers and other community members easily walk or bike to work and other destinations. Because everything is close at hand, researchers can take a mid-day break to exercise, relax, lunch with family, or tend to a simple chore.

At Innovation Square, researchers have more time to think, see what others are doing, and share ideas outside the lab environment, all of which provide fertile ground for discoveries to be accelerated and life to be enjoyed to the fullest. At completion, places to drop off laundry, provide day-care for children, throw a ball with the dog, buy groceries, grow vegetables, see a play, and meet friends for dinner are all located within Innovation Square. Innovation Square has all the dynamics in place to empower forward-thinking companies to transfer their breakthrough ideas from mind to market.

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UF Innovation Square Gainesville


Innovation Square is located directly adjacent to the University of Florida. This co-location provides future research professionals with unmatched access to research infrastructure and technology at the University, as well as the intellectual capital of the academic researchers. This combination provides a highly livable, walkable, adaptable, and sustainable urban research community within which significant research and associated activities will thrive. These activities will build on past successes and expand the positive alliances and partnerships that precipitate some of the most creative and innovative products, companies, and solutions in the world. It is this relationship, and the open exchange of ideas, that offers opportunities at Innovation Square beyond those found in a traditional research park setting. Learn more about the premiere location of UF Innovation Square.

UF Innovation Square

Why Move Your Business to Innovation Square?

A sustainable live, work, and play research community, Innovation Square has all the elements to empower your company to create, develop, and commercialize discoveries.

  • Companies gain an impressive image boost for being associated with Innovation Square; increased customer perception and instant credibility
  • Gain access to cutting-edge research and information from the University of Florida, the #1-ranked public university for transferring technology to the marketplace.
  • Interact with leading researchers and recognized UF faculty that have garnered more than $619 million dollars in research awards nationally
  • Adjacent to the UF Campus; ideal for companies whose employees, researchers, or clients are involved with activity at the campus and need a short commute time
  • Business "super incubator", VC firms and Business Support on-site
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration for knowledge sharing and connections with venture capitalists—everything needed to commercialize your research discoveries
  • Brand new buildings with fully customizable wet lab, dry lab and office/admin space
  • Convenient transportation options: designated parking, direct access to city-wide bus system, and Gainesville’s many bike-friendly commute paths
Watch this video to learn more about what makes Innovation Square an ideal place for your business. Whether you're a start-up, emerging, fast-growth or established company, Innovation Square offers many unique advantages.

Benefits of Locating Near a Top University

UF Innovation Square Research Park Working so close to a research university like the University of Florida can add tremendous value to your company and help position you for long-term success:

  • Companies within the life sciences, manufacturing, or high-tech industries will greatly benefit from a strategic affiliation with a university. Their research and development services will assist your company in creating a better product or technology
  • By collaborating with a university, your company can access funds to help reduce the risk of your R&D activities
  • Executives can foster valuable relationships within the community and raise their company's profile by serving as guest lecturers in related classes
  • Mutually beneficial relationships between a company and eager local students can be fostered through research projects, internships, and part-time employment
  • Universities often offer educational executive seminars that can supplement training programs for your employees. Participation in these programs can add exceptional value to your company and executives
  • Nearby universities can help identify the training and skills necessary for your company, and assist in planning your training programs
  • Continuing education while working: with UF just 2 blocks from Innovation Square, many working professionals can continue their education through numerous certifications, Masters, MBA, and PHD programs at one of the nation’s top-ranked universities
  • View additional benefits of locating next to the University of Florida

Benefits of the UF Connection

Innovation Square Quote

UF currently leads among public universities in the transfer of research discoveries to the marketplace. Royalty and licensing income exceeds $30 million annually and technologies developed at UF have led to the founding of more than 100 companies.

  • #1-ranked public university for transferring technology to the marketplace
  • UF TechConnect clients have garnered over $500 million in private investment and created over 500 high tech jobs in the past seven years
  • Globally recognized in bioscience and technology research
  • Diversity of research generates 300+ new invention disclosures a year
  • 100+ companies launched from UF research
  • $678 million in research awards (2009-2010)
  • $619+ million in research awards (2010-2011)
  • University libraries form the largest information resource system in the state of Florida
  • UF is a platinum level LEED campus
  • $750+ million in new research facilities recently completed or under construction, including the Nanoscale Research Facility, the Emerging Pathogens Institute, the Biomedical Sciences Building and the Clinical and Translational Research Building
  • Learn more about the benefits of being located next to the University of Florida

Tech Transfer

Innovation Square offers technology-based companies an unprecedented opportunity to improve their existing products and create line extensions of current offerings by accessing and implementing the University of Florida's wealth of research and resources. Each year, more than 4,000 scientists and scholars at the university conduct nearly $700 million in research. Eighty biotechnology companies have emerged from UF research initiatives. University of Florida research has contributed extensively to nearly every field of endeavor. UF researchers have pioneered new therapies and better treatments in the fights against aging and disease. Learn more.

UF Connection


The key to creating a top-talent science community in the 21st century lies in attracting the right people. Easily recruit and retain employees from a deep local talent pool ranging from experienced lab assistants to graduates with MBAs and PHDs. In fact, job recruiters ranked UF ninth on the list of Top 25 places where corporations prefer to recruit new employees (2010). Gainesville is home to a highly educated, technical workforce; vibrant with new and innovative ways of thinking, to lead your organization through a constantly evolving marketplace.

Innovation Square Gainesville

Gainesville has been included in Forbes Magazine rankings for "The Smartest Cities in America", "Best Small Places: Educations Attainment", and "Best Places for Business and Careers". ranked Gainesville as the #8 "Most Well-Read Cities in America". Home to one of the nation’s leading public research universities, the University of Florida, and one the Southeast’s premier healthcare systems, Shands HealthCare, Gainesville offers some of the nation’s top academic institutions.

More than 39% of Gainesville residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree, 15% higher than the national average. Gainesville is home to more technology incubators per capita than any other city in the U.S., which has allowed UF to become the #1 public institution for bringing research breakthroughs to the marketplace. Some of our nation’s finest minds are learning in Gainesville, preparing to change the world.

Total Residential Population within 3 mile radius: 82,409

Total Residential Population within 15 minute drive radius: 169,191

Businesses at Innovation Square will have access to the following:
  • Planned development of an Innovation Square job board
  • UF Career Connections Center posting board (over 31,000 UF students have joined since inception)
  • UF Job Fairs (over 14,000 UF students attended the Career Fairs at UF last year)
  • FloridaWorks job posting board


UF Innovation Square rendering In this globalized and interdisciplinary research environment, research institutions such as the University of Florida are emerging as regional leaders while creating national and international partnerships with governments, private industry, and other universities. Innovation Square creates such opportunities for collaboration and succeeds at attracting the creative workforce that reshapes the way that scientific research is conducted today.

Innovation Square is exceptional in ways that go beyond the individual successes of any of its distinguished elements. It is truly unique in its facility for collaboration: in the Gainesville community, strength emerges from an understanding of the benefit of collective participation that includes partnerships between both the public and private sectors. The citizens’ desire for livability, walkability, adaptability, and sustainability are the very principles that cultivate innovation and strengthen the economic and cultural viability of the community.

Innovation Square will leverage influential organizations in the area – bringing together the collective influence of The University of Florida, Shands Healthcare, Progress Corporate Park, and other local and regional players like Santa Fe College, CRA, GRU and the City of Gainesville.

State of the Art Buildings

Innovation Square integrates varying land uses and building programs that serve not only the larger goals of the research
community but those of the community. While Innovation Square will be the center of the research-focused uses,
state-of-the-art retail, restaurant, residential, and hospitality, as well as additional lab and supportive space, are integrated
throughout Innovation Square.

Innovation square uses

Retail and restaurants are located along major street corridors and key intersections, complimenting existing surrounding uses. In addition, these amenities are integrated into the research and residential buildings. Retail and Restaurant space are accessible from the street with outdoor areas, designed as essential elements of the street and to complement the life of the street. View more information about the State of the Art Buildings encompassing Innovation Square.

Brand New, Customizable Real Estate Space

Directly linked to the Florida Innovation Hub, the Infusion Technology Center will encompass eight stories of custom-built, idea inspiring, high-tech science and technology space, research, laboratories and commercial spaces. Along with the state-of-the-art technology, people can be inspired by fresh air and sunshine on the relaxing outdoor terrace. Designed with today’s and tomorrow’s businesses in mind, the center offers:

  • Cutting-edge space designed for your individual business needs.
  • Modern designed, creative research and office space.
  • Ground floor retail to support live/work environment.
  • Outdoor garden for gathering with like-minded professionals.
  • Certified sustainable design.
  • Fiber optic Ethernet network with Internet access, gigabit-per-second private lines, and videoconferencing rooms.
  • View Available Space

Networking Opportunities

UF Innovation Square is a place of intellectual and social connections: where diverse, visionary minds cross paths at wet labs and the corner coffee shop, where fragments of ideas fuse, leading to the next breakthrough. It happens at the highest level.

BioFlorida, GAIN, iGainesville, The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, GCEO, Florida High Tech, Cade Museum, Shands HealthCare, Santa Fe College, Veterans Affairs, Nationwide Insurance, and Florida Farm Bureau are just some of the many local companies and organizations collaborating at Innovation Square.

Innovation Square is where the University of Florida and the private sector collaborate, bringing technology, people, and leading researchers together to help you achieve success on a higher level.

Cutting Edge Data Speeds

Gainesville Regional Utilities, through its communications division, GRUCom, is providing broadband data and internet services throughout the Innovation Square.

GRUCom services are provided over a looped, 100% fiber optic backbone network that accommodates SONET and Ethernet protocols operating at 10 gigabits/second. Network connection speeds of 1 gigabit/second will be the standard, with higher speeds available.

Through a network peering arrangement between GRUCom and the University of Florida, students, faculty and staff who subscribe to the UF Virtual Private Network (VPN) service can securely access the UF Campus Core Network from the Innovation Square. Additionally, research and educational affiliates can enjoy remote access to on-campus connections with the Florida LambdaRail and Internet2 research networks. Learn more about cutting-edge data speeds and building features at Infusion at Innovation Square

Financial Incentives

When it comes to incentives, our economic development team stands ready to assist your company. Gainesville and Alachua County participate in state and local tax incentives, community redevelopment programs and training. The process is simple and confidential, guided by the Gainesville/Alachua County Council for Economic Outreach (CEO). All you need to do is tell us more about your project, and we’ll quickly assemble a project value proposition. Learn more about the Financial Incentives for relocating your business to UF Innovation Square.

Why Choose Infusion Technology Center for your Office/Technology Space

Infusion at Innovation Square
  • Companies gain an impressive image boost for being associated with Innovation Square; increased customer perception and instant credibility
  • Urban setting in a highly visible, collaborative urban research community
  • 2 blocks from the heart of the UF campus
  • Walking distance to classrooms, research labs, libraries, faculty buildings and more
  • Brand new building with fully customizable wet lab, dry lab, and office/admin space
  • State-of-the-art technical design for maximum energy efficiency
  • Specifically engineered for laboratory success

Available Space

Infusion Technology Center offers several types of custom-built space including: wet laboratory, dry laboratory, retail/restaurant, and Class A office/technology space for lease by private companies. Prospective tenants can choose from commercial space located on Floors 1-8. Floor 8 includes an outdoor garden with views of the neighboring parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My business is not affiliated with UF. Am I eligible for space in Infusion at Innovation Square?
  • Yes. Though there are many benefits due to the close proximity to the UF campus, there is no requirement for businesses to be affiliated in any way with UF in order to lease space within the building. Technology developed within the building is not subject in any way to partnership with UF.
  • My business is currently located in a 5,000 sqft wet lab. We’d like to expand to 7,000 sqft now, 9,000 sqft in 3-5 years and 12,000 in 7-10 years. Can you accommodate our needs for growing space?
  • Yes. Infusion Technology Center at Innovation Square offers a unique Planned Growth Program where tenants can lease commercial space at planned intervals. We then rent out a subsection of that space to a separate company on a lease term that allows the 1st tenant to consider expansion at a planned interval. This can be a great way to save, since moving and customizing another lab can be incredibly expensive and can be disruptive to your business. We can design a Planned Growth Program for your individual business needs. Contact us for more details.
  • We need 3,000 sqft of wet lab space, a conference room and 2,000 sqft of office space for administration. Is there multi-use space available?
  • Yes. We can customize the unit to your needs, including conference rooms, dry labs, wet labs, office/admin/support space, bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, specialty air systems and much more.
  • Is it possible to lease an entire floor of the building?
  • Yes. We currently have several floors available which have not yet been subdivided for other tenants.

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