Florida a Top 10 State for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

3, June 2013

According to a recent study from the US Chamber of Commerce, Florida ranks #10 in the nation for "Best States to Start a Business". Florida also ranked 1st in business birthrate, 3rd in increase in self-employed workers, and 1st overall in national Infrastrucure, among many other measures.

Gainesville is no stranger to the growing entrepreneurial efforts in Florida. Local Sid Martin Biotech Incubator was recently ranked #1 worldwide recently by the National Business Incubation Association. UF Innovation Square has also experienced high growth and attention. The community, 2 blocks from the University of Florida, aims to grow the local economy and quality of life by retaining talent produced in the Gainesville area.

A testament to Florida's universities, the state was also ranked 1st nationally for "Higher Education Efficiency" and 9th in college afforability. Florida beat out California, home of the well-regarded Silicon Valley, in 5 of the 6 study criteria.

Recently, commercial real estate in Gainesville, namely the Innovation Square area, has been undergoing redevelopment and renovations to accomodate the influx of technology and science companies. Business opportunities are arising as the entrepreneurial climate and talent pipeline continue to increase in Gainesville. The state of Florida is the number one in the nation for business birthrate, making job growth in the forseeable future inevitable.

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