Innovation Square CEO Making a Difference for Tornado Victims

7, June 2013

Kristi Taylor, CEO of Innovation Square company, saw an opporunity to help when she drove through Moore, Oklahoma last Sunday. Taylor is helping distraught residents of the tornado-ravaged town by allowing victims and non-profit organizations to use her online wish list service to replace lost or damaged items. “It literally looks like it’s the atomic bomb,” said Taylor, speaking to the Gainesville Sun from Moore, Oklahoma. “There’s a perfectly good Starbucks and right beside that a 50,000-square-foot movie theater that’s a pile of rubble.” Taylor hopes that her service will make sure that the right goods get into the right hands.

The following is an excerpt from the Gainesville Sun's article:

MonkeyWish was founded in 2011 to allow people to compile wish lists from any online retailer for gift giving occasions. The company launched a new service for nonprofit organizations Tuesday at with a list of items from Abundant Life United Pentecostal Church of Moore such as bedding and kitchenware to give to nearby families affected by the storm.

Taylor said she hopes the service can help avoid the problem of waste because the right people aren’t getting the right things. She said she has seen crates of bottled water destroyed by the elements and food spoiling in coolers by the side of the road.

“What good are canned goods if you don’t have a plate or a pot?”

Several tornado victims also have set up lists of their own through the company’s regular service to share with their family and friends, she said.