UF Funding Could Create Up To 100 Faculty Jobs

21, October 2013

When Florida lawmakers designated UF as preeminent this spring, the goal of propelling the college to top-10 status included providing the university with $15 million annually for five years to elevate its academic and research performance. The first round of funding will lead to 16 new projects that could induce the hiring of up to 100 new faculty members.

“We selected the proposals that reflect UF’s current strengths and that have potential to move the needle in their fields,” said UF President Bernie Machen. “Such leadership in science and scholarship is a critical step to UF’s rise among the nation’s top public universities.”

UF official have said that their goal is to bring in professors who are well-known in their fields, show unusual promise, or have unique expertise in their fields.

The funded proposals include a diverse list that focuses generally on health sciences, and technology. A full list can be seen below:

Funded Proposals
  • Big data: $3.8 million
  • Neuroscience and the Brain: $2.2 million
  • Food Security, Safety and Distribution Systems: $1.45 million
  • Drug Discovery and Development: $900,000
  • Metabolomics: $900,000
  • Plant Genomics: $710,000
  • Optimizing Early Childhood Interventions: $575,000
  • Mucosal Immunology: $500,000
  • Global Health Initiative: $500,000
  • Cyber-security: $330,000
  • Mathematical Modeling of Diseases: $300,000
  • Latin American Development: $300,000
  • Materials Innovation: $260,000
  • Law: $250,000
  • STEM Translational Communication Research: $200,000
  • Historical and Environmental Archaeology: $150,000

Machen has pledged to match the funding for these projects with private donations.