Innovation Hub at UF Innovation Square

"It truly is the hub of entrepreneurial activity in our community" - Jane Muir

The Innovation Hub is located directly adjacent to the Infusion Technology Center. The Hub is a 40,000-square-foot facility, just 2 blocks from the campus, which serves as an incubator for start-up companies based on technologies emerging from university laboratories. The Hub's main objective is to enable companies accepted into the program to devote their limited resources to technology and mark development rather than operational infrastructure.

Companies located within other buildings at Innovation Square can tap into the invaluable resources of the Hub and the UF Office of Technology and Licensing in order to expand their product lines, improve processes for competitive advantage, create important connections with capital investors and venture capital firms, promote their technologies and recruit valuable employees who will allow their businesses to grow to the next level.

Since the UF Innovation Hub opened in October, it has become home to 15 start-ups as well as the offices of venture capitalists, law firms, design firms and other entities that offer services to start-ups. Learn more about the Current Tenants.

Office of Technology and Licensing

Located within the Hub, the UF Office of Technology and Licensing is recognized as one of the nation’s leading academic technology transfer offices for its success in helping high-tech and biotech companies commercialize university-based research. The buildings which followed at Innovation Square, including the Infusion Technology Center, were strategically designed to center around the award-winning Florida Innovation Hub. This strategic location allows all businesses located within Innovation Square to utilize the Hub’s many beneficial programs and business supports, ensuring the increased success of all businesses located within the community.

UF Tech Connect

Also located at Innovation Square (and funded by the University of Florida and national Economic Development Administration) UF Tech Connect is an invaluable tool available to all businesses within Innovation Square, focused on supporting them in developing working capital for their core and emerging industries. It serves as a catalyst for new business creation by fostering relationships with the private sector as well as connecting entrepreneurs with investors.

Why Locate at the Innovation Hub?

Emerging technology businesses face considerable challenges when bringing a new product to market. History shows that startups have a significantly higher success rate when they have access to resources and advisors such as those provided to tenants and affiliates of the Florida Innovation Hub at UF.

A study by Inc. magazine and the National Business Incubator Association (NBIA) revealed that while 80 percent of new businesses fail within the first five years, 87 percent of startups affiliated with incubators survive. This statistic is four times higher than the national average for business success.

  • Co-located service providers such as law, accounting and product design committed to providing pro-bono advice.
  • Access to three venture capital firms, located within the same building.
  • Modern laboratories with access to biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, deionized (DI) water, vacuum, gas, autoclave and more.
  • Access to shared office technology, amenities and facilities.
  • Short-term, all-inclusive leases that minimize financial commitment.
  • Scheduled programming and events to enhance collision and collaboration, i.e. “50 events in 50 weeks.”

Current Tenants


Apollidon is dedicated to worldwide marketing and student connection to distance-learning masters degrees and other high quality education, as well as to providing premier technology support. Apollidon promotes the World’s Largest Forensic Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Clinical Toxicology Programs for the University of Florida.
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eTect has developed a patented technology platform of ultra-low power wireless integrated circuits, novel combinations of sensor and self-powering circuits and specialized materials to deliver low cost short-range wireless sensors and readers.
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Feathr is revolutionizing the process of business card networking and bringing this outdated practice into the digital age. The company's platform improves the networking experience by streamlining the exchange of contact information and empowering users to create and share interactive digital cards via mobile devices.
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Generation Wy

Generation Wy is a company that will seek to use technology developed at the University of Florida to help unlock the promise of the next generation of wireless data transport.

Mind 2 Market

Mind 2 Market, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of patient and animal care while reducing total cost by commercializing breakthrough radar sensor technologies for monitoring human and animal vital signs.

MLM Biologics

MLM Biologics' plans and projects center around developing, promoting and distributing market driven medical devices that are clinically effective, affordable, and have the ability to address worldwide patient needs using non-conventional marketing and distribution strategies.


myCyberShield provides its clients with an image of how they are represented on the Internet and a means to improve that image.



NanoPhotonica is revolutionizing materials for display and solar industries with its breakthrough nanomaterial. With an outstanding combination of technology, an experienced management team, an award-winning technical team and strong connections to the electronic device industry, NanoPhotonica is setting the bar for materials development at new heights.
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NeuroNet is a movement-based learning program designed to help children strengthen neural networks in the brain that are foundational to fluent reading decoding, fluent handwriting, and fluent recall of math facts.
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One Software

One Software LLC develops software applications for mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/Android/etc.) working to grow through local and worldwide mobile development contracts by developing products that have broad appeal.


RelīOx™ Corporation has licensed a new chemical production technology from the University of Florida. RelīOx™ replaces multi-step, multi-chemical, liquid-blending generation processes with a single-step, single-chemical, solid phase reaction using a renewable plastic-bead media. The results are high-value chemicals, specifically Chlorine Dioxide.
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Shadow Health

Shadow Health has developed web-delivered, highly-interactive simulations for training future healthcare providers in patient interview, examination, diagnosis, and treatment.
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StyledWel is a medical-device company established to design and offer to the medical community, especially hospitals, pharmacies and patients, products with superior style and function.


Totuit is developing dynamic mobile applications that can work across the ground-transportation spectrum and change the way operators interact with their passengers.
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UF Innovation Hub Contact Information

Florida Innovation Hub at UF
747 Southwest 2nd Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
UF Innovation Hub Website
Jane Muir, Director
(352) 392-8929

Gayle Dykeman, Manager
(352) 273-4819

View Additional Information at the Innovation Hub Website

Directly Adjacent to the Hub: Infusion Technology Center

Directly adjacent to the Florida Innovation Hub, Infusion Technology Center is the first commercial building for private companies looking to take advantage of the many benefits of the Innovation Square location. This Class A commercial building offers 1st floor retail/restaurant space to support 7 additional floors of wet lab, dry lab, office, and high-tech business space for emerging, established, and high-growth companies. Due to their close proximity to the venture capital firms and business support initiatives within the Hub, businesses within Infusion Technology Center are uniquely positioned for exponential growth. Businesses looking to join Innovation Square can enjoy the many benefits of Infusion Technology Center by either leasing or purchasing available space within the building.

In addition, Infusion offers building space that can grow with the company as it expands, through the Planned Growth Program. This unique service allows companies to expand at planned increments (ex: beginning with 8,000 sqft, growing to 10,000 sqft in 3 years and expanding to 15,000 sqft in 5 years)—all without leaving their current space. This forward-thinking program is among the first of its kind in Florida and allows businesses to keep their long-term capital improvement budgets to a minimum.

Leasing Information for Infusion Technology Center

  • Customized space at Infusion is available for lease
  • Spaces range from 2,000 to 54,000 square feet (150,000 total sqft available)
  • Tenants lease the shell; all space within the shell can be customized to the exact needs of the business
  • Flexible lease terms; short and long term options available
  • Infusion at Innovation Square offers a unique Planned Growth Program not found in other research parks.
  • Ideal for High-Growth Companies that have outgrown smaller suites, the Infusion Technology Center features flexible office bays, allowing businesses to increase the size of their building space as the company grows, without moving to another location.
  • Speak to a leasing broker at (352) 336-4930 about planned growth options or Request More Info.
  • Contact us for pricing for your specific business needs.

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