Vision & Site Plan

To operate a vibrant research district which would fully take advantage of its adjacency to the University of Florida campus, the Innovation Square development team looked to a design that supports the development and growth of high-tech business through a focus on collaboration, collision, and connectivity between the public university and the private enterprise.

Live, Work, and Play

Innovation Square integrates several land uses and building programs that service the larger goals of the research community and the surrounding neighborhoods to create a thriving live/work/play environment. While the core district will be the center of the research-focused uses, significant retail, restaurant, and residential and hospitality space is integrated throughout the Innovation Square district. At completion, the multi-phase 40-acre development of Innovation Square will result in over 5 million square feet of science and technology, retail, restaurant, service, and residential space and will offer more than 300 jobs at more than 100 companies.

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Florida Innovation Hub

At the heart of Innovation Square lies the Florida Innovation Hub at UF. The Hub is a 40,000-square-foot facility, just 2 blocks from the campus, which serves as an incubator for start-up companies based on technologies emerging from university laboratories. The Hub's main objective is to enable companies accepted into the program to devote their limited resources to technology and mark development rather than operational infrastructure.

Located within the Hub, the UF Office of Technology and Licensing is recognized as one of the nation’s leading academic technology transfer offices for its success in helping high-tech and biotech companies commercialize university-based research. The buildings which followed at Innovation Square were strategically designed to center around the award-winning Florida Innovation Hub, so that all businesses located within Innovation Square could utilize their many beneficial programs and business supports, ensuring the increased success of all businesses located within the community.

Office of Technology and Licensing

Companies located within other buildings at Innovation Square can tap into the invaluable resources of the Hub and the UF Office of Technology and Licensing in order to expand their product lines, improve processes for competitive advantage, create important connections with capital investors and venture capital firms, promote their technologies and recruit valuable employees who will allow their businesses to grow to the next level.

Your Business Belongs Here

A leading location in the US for science and technology companies with specialists in R&D, nanotech, IT, pharmaceuticals, clean/green tech, gaming/software development, e-learning, pervasive computing, biotech/life sciences and more.

It's more than a place to do business. It's a place to grow, invent, and thrive.

UF Tech Connect

Also located at Innovation Square (and funded by the University of Florida and national Economic Development Administration) UF Tech Connect is an invaluable tool available to all businesses within Innovation Square, focused on supporting them in developing working capital for their core and emerging industries. It serves as a catalyst for new business creation by fostering relationships with the private sector as well as connecting entrepreneurs with investors.

Infusion Technology Center

Directly adjacent to the Florida Innovation Hub, Infusion Technology Center is the first commercial building for private companies looking to take advantage of the many benefits of the Innovation Square location. This Class A commercial building offers 1st floor retail/restaurant space to support 7 additional floors of wet lab, dry lab, office, and high-tech business space for emerging, established, and high-growth companies. Due to their close proximity to the venture capital firms and business support initiatives within the Hub, businesses within Infusion Technology Center are uniquely positioned for exponential growth. Businesses looking to join Innovation Square can enjoy the many benefits of Infusion Technology Center by either leasing or purchasing available space within the building.

In addition, Infusion offers building space that can grow with the company as it expands, through the Planned Growth Program. This unique service allows companies to expand at planned increments (ex: beginning with 8,000 sqft, growing to 10,000 sqft in 3 years and expanding to 15,000 sqft in 5 years)—all without leaving their current space. This forward-thinking program is among the first of its kind in Florida and allows businesses to keep their long-term capital improvement budgets to a minimum.

UF INSPIREation Hall

The nation's first residence hall designed for student entrepreneurs (named UF INSPIREation Hall) will be constructed directly across the street from Infusion Technology Center and the Florida Innovation Hub. This residence hall will include housing for UF students who are developing businesses, a student incubator, a "garage" where they can build and test mechanical prototypes, video conferencing, and many other business support functions for the students. A hotel and conference center is also proposed during these early phases.

Phase III - X Development

During the additional phases of Innovation Square, development will continue within its central core.  Additional private buildings will be added to the site as well as Florida Innovation Hub #2. Private companies will also have the opportunity to lease land on the site in order to develop their own single and multi-tenant buildings in support of the overall Innovation Square vision. Additional ground floor retail will be added with frontage along Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest 4th Avenue.  Buildings will continue to focus on providing infrastructure and support for science and technology companies with research and lab space, as well as administrative and restaurant space.  

Each building will be connected with pedestrian spaces along meticulously landscaped greenways.  A grocery store with ancillary retail will be added with frontage along University Avenue, creating an edge to the city along the city’s major east/west corridor.  Residential housing will be added along the southern edge of the district to service employees working within Innovation Square, creating a livable community with a sustainable carbon footprint. A Baby Gator Child Center will be also added at Innovation Square. The development team will focus on creating building synergy along the two major axes within the district and encourage multiple modes of transportation through the addition of surface parking lots and four covered parking garages, as well as convenient bus terminals and bike paths.  

At completion, the project will include housing, retail, restaurant, and service space to support the people working on site and looking for a short commute to the University of Florida. Once finalized, Innovation Square will contain over 5 million square feet of real estate.


Several parking options are available. During Phase I, on-site surface lots are available for businesses with 300 parking spaces, formal bike parking, convenient city-wide transportation stops and walking paths which lead to the two nature parks located within Innovation Square. During additional phases of the development, state-of-the-art covered parking garages will be constructed, as shown in orange in the below site plan.

Building Status & Leasing Info
Building Status Sizes Availability
Florida Innovation Hub Built 200-1800 sqft Now Leasing
Infusion Technology Center In Development 2,300-40,000 sqft Now Leasing
Hub 2 Planned - -
Ayer's Renovation Planned - -
IS 4 Planned - -